1847 Destinations Will Be Temporarily Closed Until Further Notice

Dear 1847 Community,

Our priority has always been the health & safety of our customers and employees. We are experiencing an unprecedented moment due to the rapid advance of the COVID-19 virus.


With the spirit of keeping everyone safe, and with the guidance of Dubai Municipalitywe will temporarily close all 1847 destinations until further notice.


I would like to thank every single one of our 210 employees, that have not only stuck with us through this hardship but who have also diligently cared for the safety of our community.


We look forward to welcoming you back in 1847 as soon as possible and wish you all the best.


And I would like to leave you with this little piece I recently read.

Even within all of this tension & panic, there exists positivity.
The air is getting cleaner.
The oceans are less polluted.
Our communities getting stronger.



Leila Sanii

Managing Director

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