From an alpine retreat on the shores of Lake Geneva to an exclusive estate in downtown São Paulo, We’ve travelled the world to help develop the best in men’s grooming.

Introducing The 1847 Signatures

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1847 Signature Manicure

From a complete hand & cuticle care, to applying a natural sea salt scrub with a custom blend of oils, followed by a firming serum to combat anti-aging, an anti-aging restorative hydro-jelly mask to rejuvenate the skin, and a relaxing forearm massage.​

1847 Signature Shave

The ultimate shaving experience

This signature service starts with Murdock’s signature face wash and face scrub, to gently cleanse and refresh your skin. Our experts then apply a pre-shave oil, and eye pillow prior to meticulously shaping or shaving your beard. Then, your experience is topped off with a face Moisturiser, an ear & nose wax and one of two worldly renowned colognes.​

1847 Signature Muscle Melt Massage

The perfect muscle reviving massage

This deeply rewarding men’s massage is perfect for reviving over-worked muscles resulting from intense activity by using deep tissue, tension draining techniques to melt away unwanted muscular tension. This signature treatment now includes a curated selection of oils, an elevating and relaxing deep breath inhalation, a heated gel pack, and an exhilarating pressure-point face massage.

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