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Amidst the vibrant energy of Abu Dhabi, 1847 stands as the pinnacle of luxury and serenity, earning the esteemed title of the best men’s spa in Abu Dhabi. As you step into our refined spa, a haven of sophistication awaits, accompanied by the warm greetings of our attentive staff who strive to exceed your expectations.

Abu Dhabi Spa for Men

Experience the unrivaled excellence that led to 1847 being recognized as the best men’s spa in Abu Dhabi—visit us and discover the reasons firsthand.

Our world-class spa menu offers an array of indulgent services, including massages, manicures and pedicures, facials, haircuts and shaves, hair coloring, and hair removal. With meticulous attention to detail and years of expertise, 1847 has rightfully earned its reputation as the ultimate destination for men’s spa services in Abu Dhabi.

Relax and rejuvenate in our sleek, modern, and tranquil grooming space, where our dedicated staff caters to your every need. Whether you’re seeking a brief respite during your lunch break or indulging in a pampering session, rest assured that you’ll receive the finest haircut imaginable.

Unveil the range of services offered at the best men’s spa in Abu Dhabi:


Immerse yourself in our award-winning massages, meticulously designed to address various needs and restore harmony to your body and mind. From deep tissue massages that revitalize tired muscles after physical activities, to invigorating Thai massages that elevate energy levels, our massage menu exemplifies the epitome of excellence. Indulge in Wellbeing Massages, employing Swedish techniques to alleviate stress, or Hot Stone Massages utilizing volcanic minerals for a lasting sense of tranquility. All massages are available in both 60 and 90-minute durations, making them ideal gifts or personal treats.

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Embark on a transformative journey with our world-class facials, renowned for their remarkable results and contributing to our status as the best men’s spa in Abu Dhabi. Our comprehensive facial treatment menu encompasses anti-aging facials, hydrating facials, and targeted treatments tailored to specific skin concerns. Each facial is fully customized to meet your individual needs, utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as LED light therapy and incorporating techniques like gemstone application. Rest assured that we only use the finest products from leading brands, and you can purchase recommended products online to maintain your results between appointments.

Mens Facial at 1847 UAE


Delight in the meticulous care and attention to detail that accompanies every manicure at our esteemed spa. Using top-quality products, we ensure that your hands exude a refined appearance, leaving a lasting impression on those around you. Beyond the aesthetic benefits, regular manicures at the best men’s spa in Abu Dhabi contribute to the overall health of your hands by removing dead skin and combating dryness.

Manicure for Men - Dubai - Abu Dhabi - RAK UAE- 1847 Executuve Grooming For men


Indulge your feet in a pampering session at our luxurious spa, where each pedicure is a true delight. Employing the finest products and an unwavering commitment to detail, we bestow your feet with the care they deserve. Not only will your feet look groomed and presentable, but our pedicures also provide a much-needed respite, relieving tiredness and allowing you to unwind.

To ensure the longevity of your results beyond your visit, we have carefully curated a selection of recommended products for you to explore. These expert-approved products are available in our online store, allowing you to maintain the benefits of your 1847 experience from the comfort of your own home.

Pedicure for Men - Dubai - Abu Dhabi - RAK UAE- 1847 Executuve Grooming For men

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Visit 1847 men’s spa in Abu Dhabi, the epitome of luxury and refinement, and elevate your spa journey to unparalleled heights. Book your appointment today and savor the magic for yourself.

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