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Our expert barbers are trained in the latest skin fade techniques, providing you with a seamless blend from hair to skin. The skin fade is a popular and stylish haircut that requires precision and skill to execute correctly, and our award-winning barbers have mastered the art. At 1847, we offer a range of skin fade options, from low to high fades, ensuring you find the perfect fade that suits your style and personality. Trust us to create a perfectly faded hairstyle that accentuates your best features and leaves you feeling confident and looking sharp.

Skin Fade Services

Low Skin Fade

Medium Skin Fade

High Skin Fade

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Low Skin Fade

Seamlessly blended into the hair for a subtle and stylish look. This skin fade is perfect for medium to longer hairstyles and is designed to have little to no disconnect between the hair and the fade. The result is a polished look that transitions smoothly, leaving you with a refined and sophisticated appearance.

Manicure and pedicure for men in Dubai, Abu dhabi - RAK -1 - 1847 Executive Grooming For Men

1847 Signature Manicure For Men

This service begins as an executive manicure for men, followed by an herbal exfoliating mask and anti-aging paraffin treatment for extremely soft hands. Finished with a soothing forearm and hand massage.

Medium Skin Fade

Blended to the midway section of the head, around an inch above the ear. This versatile skin fade has fewer restrictions on the shape of the face and is suitable for a wide range of hairstyles, from mid-to-long styles to shorter haircuts. Our skilled barbers will work with you to create a fade that complements your unique style and facial features.

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Age-proof Manicure For Men

This men’s manicure provides comprehensive hand, nail, and cuticle care, beginning with the application of a natural sea salt scrub blended with a custom mixture of natural oils to remove dead skin and keep the skin feeling soft. This is then followed by a firming cure serum to combat signs of aging, a restorative and anti-aging hydro-jelly mask to nourish and revitalize the skin, and finished off with a luxurious forearm and hand massage.

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High Skin Fade

Most suitable for shorter hairstyles. By leaving more hair at the top of the head, this skin fade elongates the shape of the face and is particularly suited to rounder faces. Our expert barbers use their award-winning skills to craft a fade that perfectly matches your desired style, leaving you with a bold and striking look.


A zero fade leaves a small amount of hair around the neck and ears, usually at grade 0. On the other hand, a skin fade removes the base hair entirely, resulting in a sleek and polished appearance.

At 1847, we believe that the most suitable fade style is the one that complements your individual style and characteristics. Our skilled barbers take into consideration your head shape, chosen haircut, and hair styling preferences to achieve the ideal fade. Consult with your 1847 barber for personalized guidance.

The duration of a skin fade is influenced by several factors, such as the level of fade, hair length, hair color, and hair growth rate. Typically, the shorter the hair and the larger the fade, the longer it will last.

Absolutely. Our experienced 1847 barbers are highly skilled in recognizing head shapes and advising on the most fitting fade to achieve your desired look.

– Low fade: Ideally suited for medium to longer hairstyles, blending seamlessly with the hair and with minimal to no disconnection compared to higher fades.

– Medium fade: Blended to the midpoint of the head, approximately one inch above the ear. This fade is versatile and can be used with almost all face shapes and mid-to-long hairstyles.

– High fade: Most suitable for shorter hairstyles, as it creates more of an undercut than a fade when used with longer hairstyles. This fade elongates the face’s shape, making it perfect for rounder faces.

1847 | The Brand

The founding principle of 1847 was simple: to create a men’s grooming lounge designed by men, for men, with ‘executive grooming’ as its core service. Since launching in 2004, 1847 has gone on to become a global brand representing the best of executive grooming, and there are now fourteen 1847 lounges in total across the UAE. This commitment to excellence has been recognized by the World Spa Awards, who awarded 1847 Best Male Grooming Salon Brand in 2022, 2021, and 2020, and Best Luxury Male Spa by the Luxury Spa Awards in 2022 and 2019, as well as the certificate of excellence via TripAdvisor multiple years running.
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