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1847 offers the best mens haircuts in Dubai and the best haircuts in Abu Dhabi as the World’s No.1 Luxury Men’s Spa in two top award-winning locations. Our state-of-the-art barber and salon will be your ‘’go-to’’ place for all your hair care needs. When visiting 1847, you may wonder how often men should men get a haircut?

As you enter our refined and luxurious salon, you’ll be greeted by one of our expert team with years of barbering and grooming experience. They’ll be able to recommend and achieve the style of your dreams. With attention to detail second to none, the best quality products and stylists available at all 1847 location in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, you’ll see why 1847 offers the best haircuts in Dubai and the best haircuts in Abu Dhabi.

How often you should get your hair cut depends on your hair type

Your hair length and your desired style. Our experts usually recommend coming to see us every two to three weeks in order to keep the shape and style intact while maintaining a groomed, stylish appearance. If you require a mid length or longer style you may be able to leave it a little longer, whereas something shorter or with more detail such as a buzz cut, fade or crew cut requires more regular maintenance. It’s important to note that even if you desire a slightly longer style or want to grow out a current look, regular hair cuts will benefit the hair health.

1847 was voted the best barber shop in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. As you enter the salon for your appointment you’ll understand why. We offer a range of QuickFix Hair Solutions which are the perfect remedy when you’re short for time but want to look your best. We can fix patchy beards, bald spots and thinning beards in as little as 10 minutes. The perfect solution as a busy working professional on your lunch break or when you’re short of time before a special event! Our experts are trained to find a remedy to every haircare need to meet your goals with you which is why we are known to offer the best mens haircuts in Dubai and the best haircuts in Abu Dhabi.

Your genetics and lifestyle impact how often your hair grows. We give the best mens haircuts in Dubai and the best haircuts in Abu Dhabi as we have a personalised approach to each visit. Our experts will talk about your needs, lifestyle and recommend the perfect products for you to maintain your haircut at home. You’ll be able to buy the products used during each appointment from our online store here.

At 1847 you can opt for different finishes and barbering services to complement your haircut, along with a range of leading colour services. We even have a range of shaving services available at our salons in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to complete your look. With our vast menu of options, expert care, personalised approach and incredible pampering facilities it’s clear why 1847 is the best place for mens haircuts in Dubai and also offers the best haircuts in Abu Dhabi.

Why not visit us at 1847 and discuss your needs? You need to look no further when looking for the best mens haircuts in Dubai and the best haircuts in Abu Dhabi. You can even treat yourself to one of our ‘’add ons’’ after your hair cut which can really benefit your scalp and hair health. These include treatments to balance oily hair, treatments to combat dandruff and treatment to combat scalp sensitivity.

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