How to Choose the Best Barber for Hair Loss in Dubai?

When choosing the best barber for hair loss in Dubai, it’s crucial to choose an expert who understands hair health. For men going through premature hair loss or hair thinning can significantly impact your self-esteem and self-image. While it can be an isolating experience, over 50% of men over the age of 40 experience some form of hair thinning or hair loss in their lifetime – so you’re not alone.

When choosing the best barber for hair loss in Dubai, it’s important to find someone who can offer practical solutions to help stimulate your hair follicles, prevent hair breakage, and help you maintain a healthy scalp. These are three critical areas of expertise the best hair loss barber in Dubai will need to excel in if you want to encourage hair growth and prevent further hair thinning. Find out why we have the best barber for hair loss in Dubai here and why not visit us in Abu Dhabi?

What causes hair loss?

When choosing the best barber for hair loss in Dubai, you’ll need someone who understands the external causes fully to really target and treat your concern. Hair loss can be caused by aging, stress, hair damage, the diet and more. At 1847 as our barbers really connect with you on a personal level to understand your lifestyle, habits and needs. Therefore they’re the best barber for hair loss in Dubai as they will advise you on the best products, treatments, haircuts and lifestyle tips to tackle and treat your hair loss. You can read about 6 pro hair care tips for hair loss here. 

How can 1847 help with hair loss?

1847 is the number one men’s grooming lounge in Dubai. Frequented by A-listers and VIP clients, 1847 offers a wide range of men’s grooming services; from traditional barbering services to facials, hand and feet treatments, and massages. Our hair loss services include a range of specialized treatments targeted to strengthen the hair’s follicles, rejuvenate the scalp and replenish the hair from within. In our award-winning salon we have the very best barbers who offer the best advice and can recommend professional products for you to use at home to address your needs – that’s why at 1847 you’ll find the best barber for hair loss in Dubai.

Voted the best barber shop in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, you don’t need to look anywhere else if you’re looking for the best men’s grooming services in the UAE and therefore you’ll find the best hair loss barber in Dubai. All of our barbers have years of experience treating A-list clients from all over the world and can address all of your hair loss needs and concerns; at our salon, you’re in expert hands.

What hair loss and hair thinning treatments do we offer at 1847 the best barber for hair loss in Dubai?

At 1847, our aim for all our clientele is healthy hair – healthy hair is much likely to grow back and re-thicken. While we do offer specialist treatments to help our clients deal with hair thinning and hair loss, we also make it a priority to encourage scalp health, prevent hair damage during appointments, and use hair products that are designed to encourage hair growth. By using this as our starting point, we can actually help our clients prevent hair loss, as well as treating it when it occurs.You’ll find the best hair loss barber in Dubai as our staff are passionate about the hair from the inside out and work with you to get the best long term results.

At 1847, we can perform two specialist hair treatments to combat hair loss and hair thinning at 1847.

The Reviver

At just fifteen minutes long, this hot oil vitamin treatment is the perfect add-on to follow up your next haircut appointment. Using a vitamin-enriched oil, the best barber in Dubai will perform a head massage which will help to stimulate your hair follicles, strengthen your hair, and encourage hair growth.

Four Step – Philip B

This treatment is designed to promote a healthy scalp (and a healthy scalp is incredibly important when it comes to hair re-growth.) Using Philip B’s rejuvenating oil, shampoo, conditioner and toning mist, the best barber in Dubai will purify and detoxify your scalp, removing any product buildup while strengthening weak hair follicles.

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