At 1847, our diligent attention to detail in all areas of service, product selection and the ambience of our men’s grooming lounges is one thing that has helped us to pioneer and establish male grooming in the UAE. This is never more so than with 1847’s range of award-winning massages in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Whether you’re sore, stressed or just in need of a good stretch, allow our fully trained, expert Massage Therapists to work their magic with specially formulated essential oils and unrivalled application techniques. 1847’s unique approach to curation means that we’ve sought the finest massage techniques and therapists from cultures across the world, to bring you unrivalled treatments.

Back Mask – ‘Vitaman’ AED 115 (15 mins)

A soothing and warm mud mask is used on the back area to remove oil and help prevent breakouts. This treatment can be enjoyed on its own or as a complement to any massage.

Back Scrub – ‘Vitamin Sea Salt’ AED 115 (15 mins)

This scrub will unblock pores, renew cells and stimulate circulation on your back. The treatment can complement any massage and may also be enjoyed on its own.

Back Treatment – ‘Vitamin’ AED 330 (60 mins)

This is a highly recommended therapy on a much-neglected area. Through a deep tissue massage, sea salt exfoliation and a soothing warm mud mask, this treatment unblocks pores, renews cells and stimulates circulation.

Body Boost AED 340 (60 mins) AED 500 (90 mins)

Perfect for busy on-the-go executives, this massage combines the numerous benefits of a variety of curated ancient massage techniques, using aromatherapy oils to re-awaken the mind and body while stretching and relaxing the muscles.

Hot Stone Massage – ‘Volcanic Basalt Stones’ AED 440 (60 mins) AED 650 (90 mins)

This deluxe massage uses natural volcanic basalt stones, placed on specific chakra points to release minerals that will unwind tense muscles, create balance and instil a deep sense of relaxation.

Muscle Melt Massage AED 225 (30 mins) AED 385 (60 mins) AED 330 (45 mins) AED 565 (90 mins)

Ideal for the sports enthusiast. This deeply rewarding massage is perfect for reviving over-worked muscles resulting from intense activity by using deep tissue, tension draining techniques to melt away unwanted muscular tension.

Reflexology AED 90 (15 mins) AED 165 (30 mins)

An ancient foot massage which focuses on the pressure points relating to the various areas of the body. This traditional therapy helps ease tension, improve circulation and provide a general feeling of wellbeing.

Thai tension release – ‘Heated Herbal Pouches’ AED 420 (60 mins) AED 620 (90 mins)

A therapeutic take on ancient Thai massage techniques, this unique massage incorporates specially blended and heated herbal packs to aid the release of toxins and ease muscular tension.

The Sportsman’s Ritual by 1847 AED 550 (60 mins) AED 700 (90 mins)

An 1847 exclusive massage, ideal for the active man. Through highly specialized aromatherapy blends, customized for each individual man, together with tailored application techniques, this massage averts over-training, speeds up the healing process and prevents future injuries.

Traditional Thai Massage – ‘Dry-Tension Release Massage’ AED 340 (60 mins) AED 495 (90 mins)

This dry massage works on the body’s meridian lines to stretch every limb, enhancing flexibility and relieving aching muscles. This treatment is designed to relieve tension-induced fatigue and boost your energy levels.

WellBeing Massage – ‘Aromatherapy Oil’ AED 220 (30 mins) AED 315 (60 mins) AED 350 (45 mins) AED 510 (90 mins)

This traditional full body massage helps combat the day-to-day stresses of executive life, using a selection of essential oils, resulting in a complete state of ‘wellbeing’.

Curated by 1847

We value a curated approach that seeks the very best from cultures all over the world. It's how we source our products that make 1847 different.

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