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1847 has set global best practices for luxury male grooming services, including our award-winning waxing for men and hair removal for men services. Our commitment to using award-winning men’s waxing products with proven formulations sets us apart from other spas and grooming establishments. Our highly trained therapists ensure the smoothest men’s waxing experience with minimal discomfort and maximum result. 1847 offers waxing for men and services across all our destinations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Ras Al-Khaimah.

Waxing & Clipper For Men




Men's Face Waxing

Face Waxing and Threading

At 1847 we use globally-acclaimed men’s waxing products to ensure we provide optimal results with minimal irritation or redness.


Waxing the ear and nose is considered the most effective method, guaranteeing long-lasting results. It also offers a less painful experience compared to alternative options such as tweezers. At 1847, we pride ourselves on utilizing award-winning formulations curated from across the world. Our Mancine hard wax is the global leader the industry, with a rich history dating back to its establishment in Australia in 1965.

With a highly trained professional, it is absolutely safe. We recommend you avoid face waxing if you have sunburn, rash, or dry skin.

The highly trained specialists at 1847 will consult you on the suitability of your face for waxing and would suggest alternative options (including threading) if waxing is not the right choice for you.

This depends on several factors, including the sensitivity of your skin, your tolerance, and which areas you decide to get waxed.

Full Body Men's Waxing & Clipper

Maintain your body hair with our award-winning men’s waxing and men’s clipper treatments, available at all 1847 locations.
Body Waxing for Men


A body wax pulls the hair directly from the root, ensuring a result that is both smoother, and longer lasting.

We recommend sticking to one method of body hair removal. It is important to maintain consistency in your hair removal routine to achieve smoother results and minimize the risk of ingrown hairs.

The pain levels highly differ from person to person depending on pain tolerance, and the area being waxed. At 1847 we use the highest quality waxing for men products to ensure the smoothest experience. If waxing is not the route you want to take, clipper body hair removal is always a suitable option.

Regular waxing every 4-6 weeks is essential to gradually reduce skin sensitivity during the waxing process. Additionally, it promotes the gradual refinement of hair texture, resulting in smoother and more supple skin.

It differs from person to person, but a safe estimate would be anywhere from 3-5 weeks.

Body Waxing for Men

Full Body Waxing & Clipper

Maintain your body hair with our award-winning men’s waxing and men’s clipper treatments, available at all 1847 locations.
Manzilian Waxing for Men

Manzilian Waxing (Intimate Area Waxing)

Waxing doesn’t stop at the chest, stomach or back.
This is where the quality of the products comes into
play the most, ensuring a smooth waxing experience for any part of your body.


When preparing to wax a sensitive area, it is crucial to ensure that the hair length is at least 0.6 cm, which is roughly equivalent to the size of a grain of rice. Hair that falls short of this recommended length will not be sufficient for a seamless waxing experience. It typically takes around two weeks for the hair to reach this optimal length. Conversely, it is important to avoid excessively long hair, as it can result in breakage and yield subpar results, leading to a shorter period before regrowth occurs.

Manzilian waxing primarily involves waxing sensitive areas, resulting in higher levels of pain compared to other parts of the body. However, many clients express that the pain is surprisingly less intense and more fleeting than anticipated. This is primarily due to our use of hot wax for such intimate areas, as opposed to strip wax, which ultimately leads to a less painful experience.

The only proper advice we can provide is to grow the hair to the recommended length mentioned above. That will make the waxing experience easier, reducing the number of times we need to go over the area.
For private areas, the approximate lasting duration is about 3-5 weeks, with the duration getting longer after several sessions of waxing. Again, such timelines differ from person to person depending on each individual’s physioligy.

1847, A Globally Acclaimed Brand

1847 is the globally leading brand in Male Grooming. As Guinness World Record Title holders for the most beards trimmed and shaved in 8 hours with 351, and as an 8-time global award-winning brand, 1847 has set the benchmark for men’s grooming services. 1847’s commitment to excellence, innovative products, and services, alongside the highest hygiene standards, has re-defined the men’s grooming sector. 1847 emphasizes the positive power of grooming for men, promoting the concept that good grooming elevates a man’s actions, thoughts and feelings and gives him a new perspective and clarity.


Visit one of our locations for that feeling of unbeatable self-confidence that comes from knowing you look and feel your best.

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