Our Essential Grooming Tips

With grooming becoming an essential habit in every man’s life, we have a plethora of other essential ‘Top Tips’ guaranteed to ensure that you are kept in tip top condition, looking your very best, now and well into the year ahead.

We present to you our portfolio of pampering tips and services for the Modern Executive…

  1. Set a date with your barber 
    Book your barber appointment now as well as another for roughly 4 weeks’ time and stick to it. Proactive not reactive is the way forward. Check into 1847 for every possible treatment you need to up your grooming game! Refresh your style with an EXECUTIVE CUT or a CLIPPER CUT and transform your look in minutes. And remember…keep it in check.  Ask your barber what they would recommend for your facial shape to ring the changes.
  2. Scrub up, then suit up
    1847’s signature facials are designed to suit the needs of the demanding executive. Featuring signature international skincare brands such Gentlemen’s Tonic, the extensive and luxurious range of face saving treatments are just what you need to get that perfectly curated and refined look. For those short on time, try the EXPRESS FACIAL for some much-needed cleansing, toning and exfoliation, or go all the way with a DETOX FACIAL for a detoxifying and hydrating treatment – sure to leave your skin, cleansed and refreshed with an added glow.
  3. Fuzz off
    We are fully aware that it’s all about a #StrongBeardGame but no matter the style or length you are aiming for it needs attention.  Ensure that your facial hair is groomed and maintained throughout.  Step into 1847 and enjoy the quintessential barbershop trim and shave perfect for all skin types – from THE PERFECT SHAVE to the signature 1847 SHAVE, you can find the perfect trim for you.
  4. Put your best feet forward
    Feet can be a much-neglected part of the manscaping. Good foot care is so important to avoid unsightly dry skin and nails. 1847’s EXECUTIVE PEDICURE and ABSOLUTE PEDICURE include complete footcare including nail and cuticle maintenance.
  5. George Clooney or just a bush?
    The only meetings that need to take place are the business kind – don’t let your eyebrows form a lasting union. Step into 1847 for a little manscaping with the gentle mancine wax, and let your eyes do all the talking – not your brows! Book in for an EYEBROW treatment or ask the barber to tidy your brows up when you are next in before they form a union!
  6. Nail that shake
    Cast away dry, flaky skin and give your hands the attention they deserve – an EXECUTIVE MANICURE or a PLAYER’S MANICURE may be just what your hands need.
  7. Lay down to rest!
    You have worked hard at the gym and finally crafted yourself into the herculean figure you were born to be – now it is time to unwind and loosen up. Soothe tired muscles or simply get those knotty ones loosened with a leisurely TRADITIONAL THAI MASSAGE or a THAI TENSION RELEASE treatment.
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