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The barber at 1847 boast decades of experience in styling all types of hair, having worked with high-profile VIP clients from around the globe. Our barbers provide a masterclass in men’s hair and beard care, offering a range of barbering services across all our destinations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Ras Al-Khaimah.

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Barber Mens Haircuts at 1847

Men's Haircuts

At 1847, our expert barbers are renowned for their cutting services, offering a range of packages to suit your individual style. Whether you prefer a classic scissor cut or a modern clipper cut, our barbers will help you achieve the perfect look. Transform your hair today with 1847’s world-class cutting services.

Barber Mens Haircuts at 1847

Men's Haircuts

Whether you prefer a scissor cut or clippers, 1847’s specialist barbers can transform your hair with their world-renowned cutting services. Guests can choose from various 1847 hair cutting packages and services


It all depends on the length and condition of the hair, but the average duration for a man to get a trim is every four weeks. At 1847, you can always come back for a neck cleanup and men’s styling session to keep your look fresh and clean. If you’d like to read more on this topic, check out our blog post.

Absolutely! Our barbers are trained on many different styles, including fades. We would recommend our Finish haircut as it includes your preferred fade style, undercut, and much more.

We understand that using natural, environmentally friendly, and globally-renowned products is essential for a great service. That’s why we have chosen to use Maria Nila haircare products, along with Murdock and Patricks styling products for all our haircuts.

Anywhere between 20 to 40min depending on your style. If you’re looking for a quick trim, you can opt-in for a clipper haircut and be in and out in no time. If you have more time to spare, our Finish haircut takes 30 – 40 minutes, and includes a wash, blow-dry, and style.

Shaves at The Barber

At 1847, our barbers understand that a good shave is an essential part of any man’s grooming routine. That’s why we offer a variety of men’s shave services at our iconic barbershops.

Our barbers are trained in traditional shaving techniques, using only the highest quality products to ensure a clean and comfortable experience. We know that it’s the little things that make all the difference.

For precise results, make a booking with one of our shaves for men.

Barber Shave at 1847
Barber Shave at 1847


Our expert barbers know that it’s the little things that make all the difference. For precise results, make a booking with one of our shaves for men.


The 1847 Signature Shave is our best seller. It is the pinnacle of 1847 male grooming services as it combines the most effective shaving & skincare products with an award-winning barbering experience. Our signature shave includes a face wash, face scrub, pre-shave oil, shaving cream, eye pillow, head, neck and shoulder massage, face moisturizer, ear & nose wax, and more. We highly recommend you try this out.

There are a few options our barbers can offer to make it look more full. Our QuickFix Hair Fibers treatment, is a great way to make your beard look fuller. Alternatively, you can mask your patchy beard with our globally recognized, award-winning Semi-Permanent Treatment, administered by our expert therapist Diana Diaz. Our Semi-Permanent Treatments are complexion treatments used to naturally fill in sparse hair and patchy beards, providing a natural look that lasts for years.

Absolutely! Our award-winning barbers are constantly trained on global shaving and styling techniques, and are able to bring your vision and preferred style to life.

Barber Hair Treatments at 1847

Hair Treatments

The health of your scalp and hair is our utmost priority. Are you suffering from dandruff or an oily scalp? Our world-class, carefully crafted services are the perfect solution for you. Our team of expert barbers will work with you to create a personalized plan to restore your scalp and hair to its optimal health.


Yes we do! Our barber offers have a range of treatments to address all your hair and scalp needs, from itchy scalp to oily hair and damaged hair.

Of course! You can book your hair treatment anytime, anywhere.

Our expert barbers are highly trained and experienced in assessing your scalp and hair health, and are able to recommend the perfect treatment that suits your needs.

Our treatments use only the highest quality products with the best formulations, sourced from all over the world to ensure optimal results from the very first session.

Hair Fall Services

For those dealing with hair thinning and hair loss, 1847 offers specialized hair and scalp treatments that can help maintain hair density, stimulate hair regrowth, or conceal thinning hair.

Barber Hair Fall at 1847
Barber Hair Fall at 1847

Hair Fall Services

For lounge guests dealing with hair thinning and hair loss, 1847 offers hair & scalp specialized treatments that can help, maintain hair density, stimulate hair regrowth, or conceal thinning hair.


Yes! The 1847 barber shop offers a wide array of specialized treatments to address your hair fall concerns. From our hair fall prevention treatment that strengthens hair fibers and prevents future hair loss, to QuickFix hair fibers, powered by Toppik, that attach to your existing hair providing a natural thicker look with instant results, and finally to Micro-pigmentation, which is a complexion treatment that naturally fills in sparse hair, providing a natural look that lasts for years.

Absolutely! You can book your free Micro-pigmentation treatment through the Book Online link below, our app ”1847ForMen”, or on our toll free number 8001847.

A scalp Micro-pigmentation treatment typically lasts up to two years before needing to do a retouch.

Our QuickFix fibers, powered by Toppik, last up to 24 hours.

Unfortunately not. For more information on our Micro-pigmentation specialist timing and availability, please contact 8001847.

Barber Hair Color at 1847

Hair Coloring

Whether you’re looking to conceal grey roots and hairs or simply want to experiment with a new hue, the barbers at 1847 offer top-notch hair coloring services, ranging from highlights and lowlights to full bleaching and toning. With their expertise and attention to detail, you can be sure that you’ll leave the salon with a look that’s sure to turn heads.


At 1847, we offer a wide range of hair coloring options, from highlights and lowlights to salt & pepper, silver, blonde, black, brown, blue, red, green, and more.

Yes! We sell specialized hair coloring shampoo and conditioner, and also provide expert barber tips to help you maintain your hair color for longer.

If you’re looking to tone your hair color, we can help you with that too. Our experienced team will guide you through the entire hair coloring journey, from applying a new coat of color to toning, bleaching, and more.

On average, a hair coloring service at 1847 takes between 40 minutes and 75 minutes, depending on the requirements.

Barber Add-Ons

Treat yourself to an Express Facial with your haircut for a more refreshed and luxurious feeling. Our add-ons are the perfect choice whether you are looking for a better result or an extra touch of indulgence.

Barber Add-ons at 1847
Barber Add-ons at 1847


Add an express facial to your haircut for a more fresh and exciting feeling. Our add-ons, are the perfect choice, whether you are looking for a better result, or and additional feeling of luxury.


Unfortunately, add-ons can only be added to a full service.

Our add-ons offer a unique grooming experience, ranging from Express Facials to Back Scrubs and Hand Treatments.

The 1847 Barber | The Brand Behind The Legacy

Since its inception in 2004, 1847 has been dedicated to crafting a men’s barber and grooming lounge designed by men, for men, with executive grooming at its core. Now, with lounges across the globe, 1847 has become a global brand synonymous with class, elegance, and a five-star grooming experience. This commitment to excellence has been recognized by the World Spa Awards, who awarded 1847 Best Male Grooming Salon Brand in 2022, 2021, and 2020, and Best Luxury Male Spa by the Luxury Spa Awards in 2022 and 2019, as well as the certificate of excellence via TripAdvisor multiple years running. 

Barber Chair at 1847 Nakheel Mall
Barber at 1847 Nakheel Mall


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