Hair Removal

At 1847, our supreme attention to detail is one of things that sets our services apart. Never more so than with hair removal and men’s waxing in Abu Dhabi and Dubai at our conveniently located executive grooming lounges.

If you’re looking for best in class men’s waxing in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, our wide range of services offer expert body waxing for men in a relaxing and rejuvenating environment. Our fully trained Waxing Specialists can give you softer skin in an instant with 1847’s range of Mancine waxing services. For those who want to take stock and tidy up, we can tame unwanted growth with our electrical clipper trims. All services are carried out by our hair removal experts to the strictest standards of hygiene.

Chest AED 245 (40 mins)

Ear and Nose AED 85 (15 mins)

Eyebrows AED 50 (15 mins)

Full Arm AED 175 (30 mins)

Full Back AED 210 (30 mins)

Full Body AED 665 (120 mins)

Full Leg AED 245 (45 mins)

Half Arm AED 90 (15 mins)

Half Back (Upper or Lower) AED 120 (15 mins)

Half Leg AED 130 (20 mins)

Stomach AED 120 (15 mins)

Under Arm AED 90 (20 mins)

Curated by 1847

We value a curated approach that seeks the very best from cultures all over the world. It's how we source our products that make 1847 different.

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