At 1847, we understand that the finer details are what makes the difference in all areas of life. Our ethos combines our unrivalled attention to detail in our range of services, with our approach to curation; seeking out the world’s finest techniques and practices, so that we can offer a truly unparalleled experience to every man who visits an 1847 executive grooming lounge in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

You’re always at the forefront of business, so it’s important to remain at the cutting edge of grooming. ‘The Barbershop’ at 1847 will keep you looking and feeling your best, with a collection of traditional and therapeutic gentlemen’s shaves. You can choose from our high-end grooming brands, including ‘Murdock London’.

1847 Shave – ‘Murdock London’ AED 150 (Barber - 40 mins) AED 175 (Senior Barber - 40 mins)

An utterly invigorating experience, this treatment starts with Murdock’s signature face wash and face scrub, to gently cleanse and refresh your skin. Our experts then apply a pre-shave oil, prior to meticulously shaping or shaving your beard, and topping it off with a post-shave balm, and one of four worldly renowned colognes.

Perfect Shave – ‘Murdock London’ AED 85 (Barber - 25 mins) AED 100 (Senior Barber - 20 mins)

Our revamped treatment starts with Murdock’s signature pre-shave oil, to soften the hair and protect the skin. A sensory experience is created by applying a citrus scented steaming hot towel, followed by our world-class shave. Finally, a cold scented towel is applied, followed by a post-shave balm, leaving you feeling cool and refreshed.

Traditional Shave – ‘Murdock London’ AED 65 (Barber - 20 mins) AED 75 (Senior Barber - 20 mins)

An essential component of your daily grooming routine, this treatment starts with a steaming hot towel, fragranced with Murdock’s signatures citrus fresh Avalon cologne. Our experts carefully shave your beard, while using Murdock’s bestselling shaving cream, before applying post-shave balm, to cool and calm the skin.

Curated by 1847

We value a curated approach that seeks the very best from cultures all over the world. It's how we source our products that make 1847 different.

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